i finished watching the entire series this weekend. hooray!

i didn't watch it when it first came on the air because i was in middle school, but i ended up watching it regularly when i went to college. it was our thing to do after thursday night dinner.

i'm glad i watched it in its entirety because i got a lot more of the jokes and story lines.
now i can return to watching regular tv and can cross #6 off the list.


i crossed #3 off my list today.

i met with a financial advisor this afternoon, and it was so informative. it was so helpful to have someone who knows what they are talking about educate me on all the stuff that i have never understood.

two signs that 30 is getting old: 1. it felt good to plan for retirement...a retirement that is probably 30 years away. 2. i declined a spur of the moment birthday trip so that i could save money to put towards my car payments.


fyi...sometimes cooking things from a mix makes you oblivious to how BAD the food really is. i just made brownies from scratch, and now i know why they taste so delicious. 2 entire cups of sugar.



wednesday's list of random thoughts

1. i got several valentine's day presents/cards...all from kids under the age of 8. they were super cute.

2. i got a postcard in the mail yesterday for a check-up for mr. kitty. a geriatric check-up. he's going to be 8...not 88.

3. and in earth-shattering news...i'm so MAD about our toomer's corner trees. seriously? why in the world would someone do that??? you can't really undo or clean up DEAD. please, for the love, do NOT compare it to any prank about a jersey or a statue. it's not the same.

4. i completed number #11 tonight, and i decided to cook breakfast. the only recipe that i really liked and ate was the sweet potato biscuits. they were so good! the other things had too much extra stuff in it. i love paula deen and all, but it is possible to have too much butter.

5. no spend february is sailing along, not without a bump or two though. i caught a lot of grief when i politely declined going to lunch with friends last week. so, i ended up going to lunch that day and dinner another day. i guess it should be frugal february instead...i haven't done any shopping (outside of grocery shopping) and only ate out those two times. it has forced some good habits that i hope stick around.



it's official. i'm over the snow. it snowed monday, and it snowed today. as i type, there are 6 inches out there.

i'm quite lucky to have a friend that i work with that is also from pennsylvania. so, she has driven me to and from work a few days. hip hip hooray for that and for her mad driving skills. i HATE to drive on the snow covered roads. it doesn't do much for my nerves.

here are some pictures of the white stuff that needs to go away.

look....no feet. granted it's not the feet of snow that oklahoma has been getting. but honey, i live in tennessee where it's not supposed to snow this much or this frequently!

my casa...

and mr. kitty longingly looking out the window at us.


i learned something today. i am not impressed with an art exhibit that is simply photographs. tammy and i went to the frist, and let's just say that i'm glad that weren't charging any admission today. i would have been a bit upset that i had to pay money to see 20 pictures that my sister could have taken.

give me some painting where i can see all the work that went into it any day. celia will not be going to another exhibit of photographs. bor-ing.

and while technically this wasn't a museum, it's just gonna have to count for my #16 cause it's close enough.