30 before 30

i turn 30 on march 13, 2011. that's 7 months to accomplish this list. am i being a bit hopeful that i'll do them all? probably. but a girl can try.
  1. buy a camera. and then actually use it regularly. (DONE!)
  2. keep a plant alive for more than 3 months. (DONE!)
  3. meet with a financial advisor and get my money in order. (DONE!)
  4. go on a zip line.
  5. find a wine i really like. (DONE!)
  6. watch the entire friends series (all 10 seasons) (DONE!)
  7. try a new recipe. (DONE!)
  8. shoot a gun.
  9. read a book that i should have read in school but didn't. (DONE!)
  10. visit a winery. (DONE!).
  11. cook an entire meal using only paula deen's recipes. (DONE!)
  12. exercise regularly and eat healthier.
  13. learn to make at least one mixed drink well.
  14. do something on my bucket list. (DONE!)
  15. buy the barstools that i have been wanting for over a year. (DONE!)
  16. go to a museum of some kind. (DONE!)
  17. treat myself to something frivolous and spontaneous. (DONE!)
  18. find a church in the new town and get involved in it. (DONE!)
  19. make an entire meal with only fresh veggies. (DONE!)
  20. take a trip to a random place. (DONE!)
  21. let my hair get long enough to put into a ponytail. (DONE!)
  22. finally purchase a washer and dryer so, after 7 years, i can do laundry in my own apartment. (DONE!)
  23. read the stack of books that my mother gave me last year. (DONE!)
  24. attempt to begin composting.
  25. bake something from scratch that i usually use a mix for or buy already made. (DONE!)
  26. i MUST take a trip to ikea! (DONE!)
  27. convince my aunt to let us help her clean out and organize her house and then actually do it.
  28. go on a hike. (DONE!)
  29. see a comedian (live and in person) that makes me laugh out loud. (DONE!)
  30. take a fun trip to celebrate my 30th birthday. (DONE...we're going to let this trip count since it was a-mazing.)

p.s. this list was hard to make. i'm not really one to plan and set goals like this. we'll see how it goes...

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Anonymous said...

Good list! I'm impressed! When you do a full Paula Dean meal, I would love to partake ;)!