we are the champions!

plane tickets: $900
game ticket: $600
hotel room: $800
fan fare party: $35
watching auburn win the national championship in person: absolutely priceless (and worth every penny!)

the pep rally was so packed that we couldn't get in...

so we watched it from the parking garage across the street.

horney the bull at rustler's rooste. it was a very fun place with lots of good food!

game day!

mr. penny!

inside fan fare: cornhole, cadillac, food. it was fun and a good way to pass the time until tiger walk and game time!

tiger walk, only they didn't walk. we still lined the way and cheered...cause we were all in!

this was the crowd trying to get through the security check point. we all had to be patted down. i think there were only three of the check points...it took for-ever!

the kick!

and we win and are officially the best team in college football! take that all you naysayers that have talked trash and doubted us all season!

we are #1!

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