viewer discretion is advised

ok, let's just talk about what's on tv these days that has me totally grossed out.

1. my strange addiction 2. animal hoarders 3. hoarders

oh.my.word. as a mental health professional, things like these should not be so shocking to me. but episodes of these three shows have literally made me sick to my stomach.

after watching an episode of animal hoarders where a man had 30 cats, i cleaned my apartment from top to bottom and for a split second thought that my 2 cats were too many. when they lifted the man's couch up, the entire floor under it was covered in cat poo. and i immediately went and cleaned out my litter box.

as interesting as these shows are, i'm not so sure i can keep watching. the previews to hoarders where the guy has a ba-jillion rats in his home may have just done me in. grody gross!

these are the shows that should have a warning before you watch: viewer discretion is advised. the following show may induce vomiting, spontaneous and thorough cleaning, and over-analyzation of personal habits.

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