on thursday, i got to see garth live and in person! the show was a-mazing! he is, by far, the best entertainer i have seen.

tammy and i waiting...

we gave mama a ticket for her birthday. and i just realized that i don't have a picture of daphne. the only one i had the sister made me delete. sorry daphne!

some chick that wasted 20 minutes of our garth time. i don't remember her name, but she wasn't too bad.

and there he is rising from the stage!

the pic is blurry or noisy if you're buffy but look at his bowed legs.

i stopped taking pictures at this point because the sister was getting some pretty great pictures. garth was a-mazing, and i'm glad i can cross #14 off my list! i would totally see him again if i could. and i think all the ladies with me would too.


Anonymous said...

So, I'm gonna be honest and say that initially I had hurt feelings that my picture wasn't on here. Then I actually read your blog!! It was an amazing night!

Buffy said...

PS....Blurry and noisy are NOT the same thing!