2010 started with a bang...a trip to hawaii in janurary. when your year starts with a trip like that...you know the year isn't going to be too shabby.

and it wasn't.

in 2010, i went to hawaii and got to see pearl harbor.

in 2010, i joined the 21st century and got an iphone. and oh how happy i am with it!

in 2010, my brother caught my hair on fire.

in 2010, i moved. and that made a world of difference. it cut my commute to work down 45 minutes each way and gave me back some sanity. it may have been the single best decision i made all year.

in 2010, my paw paw died, making me no longer have any grandparents that are living.

in 2010, i decided to be optimistic and hopeful and made a list of 30 things to do before i turned 30. i only gave myself 7 months to do them. i have 2 months and 13 days left now and have 14 things left to do. that's only half-way done. i better get to gettin'.

in 2010, i got my first professional hair cut in over 7 years. i am now considering cutting it myself again. it seems like such a waste, especially when i come home and chop on it afterwards.

in 2010, i went to the cmt music awards. it was fun.

in 2010, i was able to buy some more grown-up things to make my apartment more grown-up. washing machines and dryers are boring but make life so much easier when you own them!

in 2010, i got to see garth. one word: a-mazing! cross that off the bucket list!

in 2010, i went to new mexico.

in 2010, i got to see my a-mazing, currently undefeated tigers (along with the heisman trophy and lombardi award winners) play. i heart them!

in 2010, we had our first ever white christmas in alabama and got to make a snow-cam. again...lots of fun!

in 2010, i think i finally found a church home.

in 2010, i continued my black friday shopping tradition with the sister and the daphster. this year...in the rain and cold. that = dedication. or crazy.

in 2010, lots of interesting things happened at work. but i'm ok and my job is ok and i got a raise. i even got a high-five in the middle of staff meeting from my boss. go me!

in 2010, my eyes continued to get worse, and my prescription changed yet again. i wonder how bad my sight will be in 20 years.

in 2010, i have been keeping a plant alive. truly a miracle!

in 2010, my brother and his girlfriend got pregnant. well, she's the one pregnant. there was lots of drama around it, but we should have a granddaughter/daughter/niece in the next few weeks.

so, here's to you 2010. you were busy, hectic, with a little bit of grief and drama. let's hope 2011 is just as prosperous and fun (but without the drama).

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