new mexico

i went to new mexico earlier this month to go to a conference for work and got in as much sight-seeing as a 7:00-5:00 schedule would allow.

fyi...lots of pictures ahead though i did narrow it down from the 400 that i took.

these chillies were everywhere.

what's a trip to the desert without a picture of a cactus?

old town in albuquerque

it seemed like everything was painted turquoise.

we went to the huge balloon festival held annually in albuquerque. and it was too windy for the balloons to fly. talk about disappointing. our consolation was a fireworks show.

snaggle tooth homeless man. priceless.

sandia mountain at the sandia casino. if i remember correctly, it got the name when folks saw the reddish color of the mountain at sunset. sandia = watermelon in spanish. btw...i won $17. holla!

beginning of a very informative jeep tour through new mexican landscape.

part of a ghost town...

indian petroglyphs

even though we didn't see any balloons when we went to the balloon fiesta, i was lucky enough to have a view of them every morning from my hotel room.

sandia tramway up the sandia mountain

right after she said "oh shit celia." i convinced her to go on the chair lift up and down the mountain.

route 66 in santa fe

apparently new mexico is kind of like mexico. i feel like i should have probably known that.

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