4 on the 31st

yeah...i know the title isn't catchy. but it is what it is.

1. guess what i saw today....a halloween wedding. i felt a bit like a creepy stalker, but if you are getting married in a public place dressed up like vampires and fairies with elvis as a guest...expect to be stared at.

2. i went on a hike today and am loving this weather. and i got to talk auburn football with a hiker guy that i met along the way. i also saw the wedding there. i forgot to mention that they got married in a cave. makes it sound even more interesting, doesn't it?

3. what about those tigers? i posted on facebook that i felt like a proud mama. i loved them when they went 5-7, and i love them now! they are doing so great, and i'm so proud of them!

4. i think i've been living in clarksvegas for about 3 full months now, and i'm starting to feel settled and at home. i've tested out all the frozen yogurt places, am in a small group at church, and have learned my way around. is it nashvegas, no...but it's working out just fine.

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