why i love my job

i had the day off today. i get every other monday off because i work longer hours the other days. it is rare that i actually stay in town the weekends of my mondays off, but i did this weekend. it was nice and quiet, and i got to run a few errands without having to deal with half of the population.

but i can already feel myself tensing up and dreading going to work in the morning. so, taking a page from a friend's book, i thought that maybe i should remind myself of the reasons why i love my job and of the reasons why i do what i do. i don't think that i focus on that enough. i'm quick to bemoan all the notes i am behind on, how tired i am, how stressful the job is, and how many hours i work but am not quick enough to talk about the positives of it. so, here goes...

i love my job because...
  1. i get to be witness to healing....maybe not in large, grand ways but in little ways. i get to hear and celebrate when a kid's anxiety has decreased from a 10 (most intense) to a 2 (on SUDS scale). i get to see a child resolve his separation anxiety and go from crying for the whole school day to smiling and waving goodbye to his parent without any problem. i get to see children learn to make friends and develop a vocabulary for appropriately expressing their feelings. i get to see parents "get" parenting skills. i get to celebrate when a teen-ager chooses to practice a coping strategy instead of cutting.
  2. i get to hear "hey miss celia" when i go into a classroom or when i walk down the hall....even from kiddos that i don't serve. it is usually followed by high fives or hugs. and who doesn't love a good high five?
  3. because i now live 15 minutes from work! one of the best decisions i made was to move closer to work. granted the shopping and entertainment isn't the same but having a 30 minute round trip commute vs 2+ hour commute makes me grateful every day.
  4. getting to work in the nitty gritty dirty lives of families is a privilege. yes...it can be stressful, but it is also a privilege that families allow me to enter into the inner workings of their lives.
  5. because i have a job! so many don't these days, and i have one that pays me well and pays for me to go to trainings. and because it pays me well, i can afford to have nice things.
  6. because i work with some great people. granted not every day or every person is nice and rosy, but i have a few co-workers that are really great and give me lots of free therapy.
  7. and finally, i love my job because it gives me the opportunity to be a conduit of God's grace and his healing every.single.day. therapists, counselors...whatever you call them are in the trenches every day. we see things and hear stories that most could not possibly imagine. though it's hard, it's a privilege and an honor. and i have to remind myself that it is my mission field. it's not africa, it's not an urban poverty stricken area, but i'm still doing the work that i've been called to do. and for that i'm thankful.

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