it's great to be an auburn tiger!

the sister and i went to the auburn/clemson game this weekend. it was in-tense...not only the game but the folks we were sitting around. let's just say that some of the guests in our section had partaken in their choice of inebriating beverages before they came. one smelled totally rotten and even fell on my lap. another threw up. and the sister shared a bottle of water with another complete stranger.

it was pretty interesting. here are a few pictures...

a different view of our beloved samford hall:

our obstructed view. espn decided to put a cameraman in front of us. thanks espn. you're the best.

a view of the band...mic man...and the blue crowd waiting on the players to come out...

the offense. i love that they pray together. and if you look closely you can see the espn guy chris...who btw was wearing shorts with his tie and suit jacket.

yes we cam!

war eagle! the game was long and hard on the heart but we won, and that's what counts.

i totally bought this canvans at the auburn store....frivolous, spontaneous, and not needed, but i wanted it. crossing on #17 now!

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