do you ever stop to think that the hamburger you are eating used to be a living, breathing cow? or how about the piece of chicken? it used to cluck around.

sometimes, when i see cows on trailers or chickens in pins on the back of an 18-wheeler, i get sad.

it's a little sad that something has to die so that i can have some delicious food. it doesn't really stop me from eating it, but when i see it in my face like that, i'm sad.

a little cat visited me on my porch for 2 days this week. i couldn't not feed it even if it meant that the cat would stay around. i don't obviously need another cat, but i just couldn't entertain the thought that the cat might starve to death.

weeks like this with these thoughts swirling in my head totally make me understand why people are vegetarians.

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Tammy said...

Do you know what never clucks or moos? Brownies.