cadiz, kentucky

ever heard of cadiz, kentucky? yea...me neither.

until...i saw this billboard on my way to work one day. what clever advertising cadiz. i heart antique stores.

so, i decided to take a little road trip yesterday. to cadiz, kentucky.

i stopped at land between the lakes. it was so quiet and peaceful. had i been dressed more appropriately, i would have stayed longer. jeans + humid 90 degree weather = celia not staying outside long.

and then to the shopping...

the people were very friendly. one of the shop owners gives the military a discount. typically this means active duty, but she also gave it to me since i work on post. thanks lady!

one of the stores was 3 stories, and i swear i thought i was going to go crashing through the top floor. it was creepy and scary, and i got out of there as quickly as i could.

the stores had a ton of things that i had never seen, but i limited myself and just added to my hobnail and blue mason jar collection. here's my loot.

successful day, and i think this trip can count for #20.

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