goodbye #908

dear apartment #908,

you've sheltered me well the past 4 years. we had some good times and some not so good times.

you were with me when i started my first big girl job. you were with me when i had to move locations with that job, when i got promoted, and even when that organization got a little crazy and let us go but rehired us 3 days later.

you were with me when my maw maw, granny, and paw paw died. i distinctly remember where i was each time i heard the news.

someone almost caught you on fire, and some people got kicked out of you. you also hosted some pretty fun get togethers.

you were with me through a car wreck, through a flood, and through other major world news.

you let me move furniture around all the time, put a ba-jillion holes in your walls, and kept me pretty safe.

but some not so good people have begun to move in around you, and i work too far away from you.

so, it's time to move. our time together has been swell.

a girl who is moving on up

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