my morning off

1. i was out with the senior citizen population of nashville this morning. i had the oil changed in my car at 9, and the place was full of white haired people. i then went to the mall....before it opened. i decided to wait the 10 minutes instead of going home. i had the pleasure of people watching, and let's just say those old people mall walkers are no joke. do not get in their way.

2. as i was getting my oil changed, another car came up and their license plate was personalized to read XXX. who in their right mind would have that kind of tag?

3. to twitter or not to twitter? do i need another time waster? is facebook and blogging enough? and who would really care what i had to say? and what would be my username? so many questions.

4. and in more "what is this world coming to" news...parents are now apparently giving their underage children tattoos. cra-zy! i'm all for tattoos, but i'm thinking we should probably wait until the kids are older than 7. geez.

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