it's saturday...the best day of the week

it's been a while. and it's been a while since i've posted a list. so, you get a list of randomness tonight.

1. i am moving in a month. stressed? yes. i don't have a lot of time and seem to be going out of town 2 of the next 3 weekends. it also doesn't help that my ocd brain is going through each individual thing that i pack. i find myself saying "i really don't want to pay someone to move this crap." and so my goodwill pile is growing.

2. the other day, i was staying a friend's house because she lives close to work. and her hair dryer died. what was i to do? after freaking out for a few minutes, i found a solution. i dried my hair with the pump that blows up the air mattress. it was loud, may have damaged my already damaged hearing, and took longer than usual, but i didn't have to go to work with a wet head and i wasn't too late.

3. i spent today shopping...or helping a friend shop. it was fun and productive for her. i again found myself saying, "i don't want to pay someone to move this." and so i only bought 3 small articles of clothing. but i did experience frozen custard for the first time. it was delicious! and we ended the day with sangrias...what is better than that?

4. anyone know how to plaster nail and screw holes in walls (that are textured)? my lovely apartment complex is going to charge me $7 for every hole unless i do it myself. and let's face it...i have lived here for 4 years and like to move things around. there are a lot of holes, and i can't afford $7/hole. directions needed!

5. where did the 95 degree weather come from? to quote one of my facebook friends today: "did somebody leave their oven on and open? could you please close it because you're making it hot as hell outside!"

6. i love saturdays. i can sleep late and do whatever the heck i want.

7. i went to the cmt music awards with the sister this week. it was so interesting. everyone should go to an awards show once. it wasn't on my bucket list, but it should have been.

8. so, it's really sad to see the beautiful alabama beaches that i grew up on covered in oil. really sad.

9. with the risk of stepping on toes...how about the 16-year-old girl attempting to sail around the world ALONE? i feel like this should be a snl really with seth & amy segment. really? really? why is this ok people? parents don't usually let 16-year-olds spend 7 months straight at home alone....why is it ok to let them spend it on isolated waters that could become dangerous at any moment? skill or no skill...she's still 16. i just don't get it.

10. and how about that lovely father in south america that fathered children with 2 of his daughters and had begun to abuse 2 of his grandchildren/children? i literally almost threw up when i read this story.

11. and i'm out of randomness. off to pack a box or two.

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Daphne said...

You are hilarious! I'm totally with you on the 16 year old girl thing! WTH were these parents thinking?!!?