my paw paw

luther wallace burton
march 13, 1917-may 16, 2010

my paw paw was quite the man. he loved to garden. i mean LOVED it, and i think he only stopped when he was deep into his 80s and had trouble getting around. he and my maw maw always had tons of vegetables and sent me back to auburn on multiple occasions with an ice chest full of things from the garden.

we shared a birthday....born on the exact same day 74 years apart.

and my paw paw could cook him some food...his hushpuppies were the best i have ever put in my mouth.

he loved his little church, ironation united methodist. and when i was in seminary, he was one of my biggest supporters and encouragers....though most don't know that.

my paw paw could also make anything out of wood. i have many a memory of exploring his wood shop, picking out something for him to make, or picking out something that he had already made.

he loved to smoke a pipe...

and he loved to eat...like most good burtons do. we spent the majority of our thanksgivings with the burtons. and one of my favorite things that my paw paw used to do was kind of toss his fork down after eating a really good meal. i even catch myself doing that sometimes.

and he loved my maw maw. here they are at one of the thanksgiving gatherings...

he was also pretty funny and kept us laughing.

this is the last picture i took of him...

while my paw paw is gone, i know that he lives forever in my daddy and in my brother. there are times that my sister and i think...that is just like paw paw.

and he isn't suffering anymore.

and like i said with my granny, i take comfort in these words:
weep not, weep not,
is not dead;
he's resting in
the bosom of Jesus.
--james weldon johnson

and at the age of 29, i no longer have any living grandparents. it feels really strange.

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