it's been a year

a year ago, we lost a pretty special lady...my granny.

and i miss her.

i think i miss hearing her laugh the most.

i miss her witty sense of humor. i miss her jokes. i miss hearing her talk. i miss playing with her hair. i miss being able to touch her and hug her. i miss her stories and her curiosity. i miss sitting at her kitchen table and talking. i miss seeing her play with the rings on her finger. i miss her strength, her hospitality, and her love.

i miss her, but i know that i was blessed to have her for 28 years.

and i know that i can take comfort in these words:
weep not, weep not,
she is not dead;
she's resting in
the bosom of Jesus.
--james weldon johnson

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Buffy said...

Thanks for making me cry