my weekend

confession #1: i blog-stalk. i admit it.

my new favorite is mysixinthecity.blogspot.com. she started a new thing about posting about your weekend. so...here goes.

confession #2: sometimes i wish there was no need for my job field.

every day, i am confronted with the hurt of the world. for 8+ hours a day, i hear story after
story of abuse, of trauma, of people who have lost hope. and i see how that impacts their family, their work/school, their friends, and their children.

every day, i am confronted with the reality that we live in a fallen world.

and so the weekend is my time. it's my time to decompress, my time to worship, and my time to clean.

and that's just what i did this weekend.

confession #3: i had a monica closet! my ocd self is going to be vulnerable and post a before picture.

as you can see...totally out of hand! i didn't use half of the cleaning products because i make my own, and i didn't use the other half of the stuff either. i think i had about 542678 plastic grocery bags.

and here is the result of a long hard cleaning session....

it's much more organized and streamlined. now i can find things without being hit on the head by random stuff.

confession #4: i have not taken my
recycling to the center in 3 months. also out of control:

this kind of cleaning is what happens in my apartment after a long, hard week in the counseling world.

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