warning: this is a long post with a ton of pictures, and it doesn't include pearl harbor. that will have to be a completely different post.

i had a lot of fun in hawaii...even though it was technically a work trip. i got to experience a lot more of the island because one of my friends from work had lived there for several years. the people were friendly, the fish was unbelievably good, and the weather was great!

awaiians also have some interesting lingo:
  • aloha: welcome, hello, goodbye
  • talk story: to gossip, chat
  • mahalo: you're welcome
  • pau: done, finish
  • vog: volcanic smog, occurs when the volcano on the big island erupts and gases are emitted like air pollution
  • da kine: that whatchamacallit
  • eh: you know?
  • howzit: how are you doing?
  • shi shi: go the bathroom (#1)
  • haole: white person

the view from my lanai the first night:

the other view...Honolulu:

after our training we went to the north shore, and my friend introduced me to banapples...one word: a-mazing. they are a cross between apples and bananas and are quite delicious.


sunset beach:

turtle beach:

the dole plantation had pineapple ice cream...delicious!

leathered-skinned beach bum with a mullet...

the hotel i stayed at had penguins...why? i don't know, but they were kinda cute.

the tourist beach at waikiki...it was a bit too rocky for me.

sunrise sky...

flowers were everywhere. if you were single and ready to mingle, you wore them on the right side. if you were taken, you wore them on the left side.

my only problem was the birds. they were everywhere. this one and some of his friends thought it would be nice to hang out on my lanai every day.

diamond head:

lanikai beach...my favorite:

there was pretty landscape all over the island:

and there were also shacks and "houseless" people. this is the best drive-by picture i could get of the tents.

rabbit island...look at at the different colors of the ocean:

makapuu beach:

lava rocks:

and when i got back, i had to dig my car out of 7 inches of snow at the airport.

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