the envelope

i'm going to blog about hawaii, but it's going to take a while. in the meantime, i wanted to go ahead and post pictures of my new artwork.

my sister bought a new house and wanted a neat piece of artwork above her fireplace. she had seen pictures of envelopes blown up and thought about doing that with one of our grandparents' letters. this concept was also featured on my favorite website. so, of course i had to have one for my apartment too.

my sister had a letter and envelope that my granddaddy wrote my granny during the war. so, she had it enlarged and framed. and it turned out great!

here is a picture of my granddaddy during his tenure in the army:

here is my granny. she would often go to photo booths and then send the picture to him.

and here my the envelope enlarged and framed. it's not the best picture...it's at an angle, but you get the gist. it's also pretty big (33''x52'').

and here are my grandparents how i remember them...silver haired, aged, and still in love after a ba-jillion years together:

while i don't have a nice new house like my sister, it's still pretty nice to have such a unique reminder of my grandparents.


Christy said...

Hey Celia!! I LOVE the envelope wall art. I had seen that around someone where too and I remember thinking how cool I thought it was. Great job! I'm thinking about doing this with mine and Greg's wedding vows...I wanted to do something with them but couldn't figure out just what to do. Where did you go to get it blown up?

celia said...

hey christy...buffy got it enlarged in birmingham. she'll have to tell you the name of the place because i have no idea.