water zoo

today, thad and i went to the water zoo in chattanooga...better known as the aquarium.

these 2 were not behind any glass or nets....yikes! they definitely made my heart beat fast, but i was able to take their picture from a distance...hence the picture.

thad was afraid to touch the sting rays...

so, i had to show him how it was done.

according to thad, this is a pitcher plant...which is a carnivorous plant.

i was trying to take a picture of this penguin but the stupid staff squirted water right in the way. thanks a lot heifers.

notice the big pole that one of the divers is holding....that's to ward of sharks. why would you want to hang out in a tank with sharks with only a pvc pipe thing to save you?


i don't really remember what this is called, but it looked neat.

the sleeping turtle

this was in the seahorse exhibit. i thought the coral was pretty.

i think this is some sort of dragon fish but am probably wrong.

he actually touched the sturgeon on the first try.

gi-normous catfish!

we were impressed by how they set up one of the freshwater exhibits...complete with a boat, paddle, pier, and minnow bucket.

the trip's not complete without a trip to ben & jerry's.

and a truck load full of crap with a duct-taped laundry basket. sir, while i appreciate your thriftiness, the dollar store sells them for a few bucks. splurge and get yourself one.

we stopped at little river canyon on the way back...very pretty and serene.

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