ten on tuesday...

1. i got my new toms shoes the other day and am totally loving them. you should seriously consider buying a pair. they're comfortable, cute, and for every pair you buy, they give a pair to children in need.

2. please....parents don't "take away" christmas from your children when they misbehave. that's going way overboard.

3. we went black friday shopping again this year, and i impulsively bought a tv. i got some presents for other people, but i, by far, spent the most money on myself.

4. who cares what tiger woods does? i'm pretty tired of hearing about it. let the man live his life.

5. i can't believe it's december already. this year has flown by. i wish i could say that i was getting in the christmas mood, but i'm not. i'm just not feeling it this year.

6. here is your picture of the day...

needless to say, it took quite a few pictures to get this one. he liked to play with the jungle bell, and mr. k would have nothing to do with it.

7. does it make me a bad person to feel sad when they execute someone on death row? i still can't quite wrap my head and heart around this.

8. i have been taking a benadryl to help me go to sleep at night but have been drinking a little caffeine to help me make it through the day. seems kind of counterproductive...i know.

9. i brought work home to do tonight, but my work computer wouldn't let me log on. guess that means i'll be staying late tomorrow. thanks a lot technology.

10. i thought today was tuesday...all day long...until this very minute. so, it's not ten on tuesday, it's ten on wednesday. and that means it's almost the weekend, and that means that i can sleep late. i love days that i don't have to get up at 5.

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A united method said...

Doesn't everyone spend more money on themselves Black Friday? You go look for things you want and can't afford otherwise :)