in 2009, i got promoted to a supervisory position and then several months later got "let go" when the economy finally hit the mental health field. 2 days after i got the news, i had accepted a job offer that significantly increased my income. for the past 6 months, the job has been great!

in 2009, my parents moved from the town that i grew up in, and i have yet to return to that small town.

in 2009, i saw wicked...and it officially became my favorite musical.

in 2009, i began to carpool to work...something that i have never done before. spending that much time in the car with another person every day is quite interesting.

in 2009, i lost my granny. i still really miss her.

in 2009, i bought a brand new car....the first time that i have ever done that. my only 2 requirements were good gas mileage and an input for my ipod.

in 2009, i had some adventures at the lake...including getting
stranded on an island.

in 2009, i was able to triple my savings.

in 2009, i learned that i have hearing loss.

in 2009, i experienced the pure joy that a talking cookie jar lion can bring.

in 2009, i jumped out of a plane! and it was the coolest thing that i have done in my 28 years on the planet.

in 2009, i spontaneously got another tattoo.

in 2009, i went to one of the largest shopping malls in the world. it was a-mazing!

in 2009, due to my increase in income, i spontaneously purchased some big ticket items. let's hope this trend doesn't carry over to 2010.

in 2009, i learned (or finally realized) that i have some odd quirks...i don't like for someone to hold one of my fingers and not let go (makes me feel claustrophobic)...i don't really like to wear socks but begrudgingly will in really cold weather....i hate to eat cold ketchup...i don't really like hotel's covers and will bring my own if i can...and i really, really, really hate birds.

it's been a year. i had some stressful times. i had some very sad times. but i also had some pretty neat experiences. i guess that's the way life goes.

now, i'm off to ring in the new year with the
sister and the daphster and her cute kid.

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Anonymous said...

This is an awesome post! You certainly have had a year! Looking forward to ringing in 2010 with you!