taking care of yourself...

this is a print that i bought when i was in minneapolis for work a few weeks ago. my sister said she didn't get it, but it spoke volumes to me at the store.


it is something that i don't think people focus on enough...especially those of us that are therapists and counselors.

i know that there are days that hearing stories of trauma and pain one after another just sucks the life out of me. there are days that pain is everywhere i turn. there are days when i think that the story i'm hearing is the worst story that i have ever heard, but secretly i know that it won't be. there are days where the evil in the world is so evident, and i wonder where God is in all of this.

and those are the days that i have to be intentional about taking care of myself. i won't let myself read news stories about rape, abuse, or death. i won't let myself watch shows like law and order svu. i give myself permission to do whatever strikes my mood...regardless of whatever i have planned. i make sure i get enough sleep...even if that means going to bed at 8. i talk to friends. i cry. i exercise. i sit on the couch and watch mindless tv. i leave town and get a change in scenery. i spend time worshipping or talking to God. i do whatever i can think of to recharge my batteries enough to face the same pain and heartache the next day.

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