i think i have been living under a rock.

i just discovered 2 things that have been life changing. ok...so maybe life changing is a bit dramatic.

i went to minneapolis for work last week. yes it was cold, and yes i went to the mall of america. the mall was gi-normous! i went twice and still did not have enough time to hit everything.

on this trip, i discovered 2 things...cashmere and bathroom wall mounted mirrors like this one...

when i don't wear my contacts i have to get really close to the mirror to put my make-up on...not anymore! there was one in the hotel that i stayed in, and it was so great that i bought one.

and cashmere...i knew about it but wouldn't let myself buy it because it can be expensive. not anymore! it is so comfortable and can be found on sale. at the mall, i scored a $175 cashmere sweater for $60.

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