a visit to the vet

we had to take an emergency trip to the vet today. i think i was probably more nervous about it than mr. kitty.

he's has been limping and somewhat lethargic for the last few days. and i felt a little guilty that i went to the auburn game this weekend and left him...especially after we lost.

we rescued mr. kitty from the side of the road about 6 years ago. when we found him, he wasn't moving, had a broken tooth and tail, and was urinating blood. we had to force water down his throat for several days. he also had an injury to his leg that kept him from walking for a little bit.

and so now...because of his injury, he has arthritis and that is what is causing him to limp. we now have meds and strict dietary instructions.

bless his little heart.

he did really well though....much better than i expected. if you know mr. k, you know he isn't a fan of men or of many people in general. he never growled or tried to make a run for it. he let the vet poke and prod him and even purred at one point.

here's a picture of the big guy (weighing in at 17 pounds!) trying to cheer for auburn:

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