vegas trip

here are several of the pictures from the vegas trip...minus the grand canyon. those will come in another post.

the reason for our trip was the sister's 30th birthday...

daphne and i said while we were planning and paying for the trip that it was our belated birthday trip too. the sister was listening and when we got in at midnight, we had prizes. i'm not going to post pictures of us because we looked a hot mess from traveling...(we had several delays and had to run through the airport to catch our connecting flight).

vegas day 1:

skydiving...go here for more pictures. i had a great time...though i was really nervous on the flight up. my instructor guy was funny and tried to get my mind off of it...not sure it helped though. but i would totally go again! it was one of the coolest things i have ever done. i think the sister has a different take on it...she puked!

and of course...the slots! we were too intimidated to play any of the tables.

we also went to see o....which of course was great. those people can move their bodies in ways that i can't even begin to imagine.

and it is totally true what they say about the food in vegas...it is fabulous! every place we ate at was great.

of course we got the frozen hot chocolate at serendipity, and again...it was great!

the bellagio fountain light show thing that is probably on every commercial or advertisement for vegas....

vegas day 2:

grand canyon all day...pictures to come later.

vegas day 3:

the strip! our photographer took pictures of every casino, but i'm not going to post them.

this is what a lot of them looked like on the inside. gaudy...extravagant...over the top...

where we stayed...

and of course, the sign...

i think this is one of the few pictures of all three of us together.

and the tattoo. i got it at the palms. it hurt...yes it hurt. but i like it, and even though it was a spur of the moment kind of thing, i don't regret it.

a view of the strip from the stratosphere...

we also went to an impersonator show here. let's just say that they need to work on their skills a little bit.

vegas day 4:

travel home. here is a view from the plane...

of course our flights home were also delayed...thanks to mr. obama. air force one was at the airport at the same time and all things had to stop so he could leave.

it was a fun, exhausting, jam-packed trip. and yes...we saw all kinds of inappropriate behavior, scandalous dressing, and tasteless advertisements.

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aubrey said...

looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I totally want a tatoo on my wrist too!!! can't decide what i want! I love your's! I have a star on the back of my neck.. it hurt a lot too! love your pics!