it's interesting to me what people remember and what memories people hold on to throughout the years. i wonder what it is that makes certain things meaningful and others not.

my grandparents have been on my mind lately. there have been several things in my tiny apartment that over the past several days have evoked memories of them....the pan that my granddaddy used to cook breakfast in every morning while he listened to country music....the ring that my granny played with and slid around her finger...the table that sat in their house...the wooden rolling pin that my paw paw made...the necklace that my maw maw gave me when i got my feelings hurt while i was staying at their house.

i guess i've been feeling sentimental lately. i even spent a morning cooking up a breakfast like my granddaddy, using the pan, and listening to country music. it somehow made me feel a little more connected to them. silly...but true.

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