1. today is the anniversary of d-day. i've read a lot about it today and now have an even greater admiration for our military.

2. a lot has been going on with work. it went something like this:
  • wednesday: your job is being cut and so are the jobs of half of the team you supervise.
  • monday: tell the team the bad news.
  • monday afternoon: no wait...maybe your jobs aren't being cut.
  • tuesday: everyone can stay if they can meet the new requirements.
needless to say, it was a stressful week! i lost a lot of sleep between wednesday and monday. but...the good news is...2 days after i found out my job was being cut, i was offered another job. this job is going to provide me with a lot of great things (more money, more experience, different population, more creativity). and on top of that, all of the other staff still have jobs.

3. i bought a new car yesterday. it is the first car that i have ever purchased, and my daddy came up and helped me. the process took a while...but believe or not, we didn't have to haggle.

4. cma fest is this week. my sister is coming and staying for an entire week. i don't think we have stayed together in such tight quarters for this long since we lived together in college. then daphne is coming and bringing cute ben. it'll make for an eventful week!

5. i've gone to the lake for the past several weekends, and i seem to injure myself every time i go. one weekend, i fell going down the stairs. the weekend i got stranded, i fell going up the stairs. the next weekend, i was attempting to get out of the innertube that the jet ski was pulling. i put one foot on the jet ski and one on the innertube...bad mistake. as i was attempting to step on the dock, one of them moved, and my shin hit the side of the dock and i fell into the water. while in the water, i proceeded to kick the bottom of the lake...which just happened to be rock because it was under the boat slip. so, i had a huge knot and skinned place on my shin and several cuts on my feet. and i'm still sporting them 2 weeks later. i've also been slung off of every innertube and the jet ski multiple times...thanks to my brother. he's dangerous.

here's a picture pre-injury with daphne and ben:


Daphne said...

The job thing is crazy!! So excited to see the new car and to come for a visit!!! Prepare the cats for the holy terror..aka Ben!

Buffy said...

I still laugh when I think about you doing the split on the jetski and the tube! You should be more careful at the lake!