my granny

sara carpenter clark

i know most have heard the funeral poem about the dash...that what truly matters is not the year before the dash or the year after...but how you spent your dash.

and i can say that my granny lived her dash, her 91 years, to the fullest.

she and my granddaddy secretly eloped and were married for 68 years after that. she was quick witted and always kept us laughing. she was always dressed to the nines, with her lipstick on and her hair done. she had a closet full of shoes. she loved to read, do word search puzzles, and kn
ow what was going on. she was honest, and she was encouraging. she loved her family fiercely.

and i miss her. i miss sitting at her kitchen table and listening to her stories and jokes. i miss playing with her hair. i miss hearing her laugh so hard she grabbed her sides. i miss the smell of her house. i miss her amazing cooking. i miss hearing her say my name.

when i was younger, whenever anyone would ask me who my hero was...it was always her. i'm not sure that i could have verbalized why i thought that then, but now i know. she loved unconditionally, was honest and truthful, was kind and caring, was loyal, and was a woman of God. she survived the death of her first born and her husband, the great depression, and a devastating tornado. she was strong. she was loving. she was my granny.

i love you granny. always have and always will.

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Anonymous said...

Celia, that was beautiful. I'm sorry I didn't know your granny but I feel like I do a little from all of your stories! I'm so sorry for you and your family.