mother's day

mother's day 2009 will go down in infamy.

1. we buried granny the day before.
2. the jet ski's engine compartment got flooded.
3. thad and i got stranded on an island.
4. buffy's big ol' suv got stuck in the mud.
5. i fell going up the stairs and now have a skinned knee.

i'll elaborate on getting stranded...

thad and i took the jet ski (after the water was drained from the engine compartment) out on the lake. we were taking turns pulling each other on an innertube...when we went to restart the engine...and it wouldn't start.

and all thad could say was shit. i asked him several questions and all he could say was shit. and i knew we were in trouble.

we then began to drift out into the middle of the lake...and i'm not talking about a small lake. the lake is ginormous and goes on for miles.

so, we continued to drift, and no boat was in site. we then dismounted and swam the jet ski to an island that was about 150 yards away...no small feat. luckily, the island had a put in, and we were able to dock the jet ski.

we then tried all kinds of macgyver type things to get the jet ski to start, but unlike macgyver, nothing we did worked.

so, we sat on the logs, soaking wet in our swimsuits and life jackets...defeated. we were shivering, not really from the cold, but from the fact that we were out in the middle of nowhere on the lake without a way to contact anyone. i, for one, was scared!

one boat passed by on the other side of the lake. and obviously they couldn't see me waving a life jacket in the air. they didn't even slow down.

and then i knew for sure, we were stranded.

thad decided that he would attempt to swim to the nearest house...not a good idea. it's hard to swim against the current.

after some time, i began to yell for help. but no one heard us.

then thad had the idea to blow the whistle. there just happened to be a whistle attached to the key to the jet ski...and i blew the hell out of that whistle. it only stirred up some dogs at first. but eventually some people put their boat in and came to our rescue.

they towed us back to the house, and we were saved. and no major damage was done to the jet ski.

i'm not really sure how long we were out, but it felt like several hours. it was enough that we already had a shelter if the storms got worse or no one came until the next day.

we had our very own version of gilligan's island...

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