7 on the 7th

1. i went to see wicked over the weekend...fabulous! you should see it too.

2. in the past few weeks, there seem to have been several teachers and church volunteers in the nashville area that have been arrested on sexual abuse charges. that sketches me out. one of them even had an arrest warrant pending...metro schools did a background check...and hired him anyway. sketch-y!

3. i have decided that hell for me would be to be trapped in a hoarder's house with pet birds. clutter + birds = pure hell.

4. i spent 5 hours yesterday working on my stupid wireless router. i had great plans of being so productive but spent it doing everything imaginable to get the thing to work. it finally did....after 5 hours.

5. i am so ready for warm weather...not hot weather...warm weather.

here's a picture of a really cute, fun kid. his mama always dresses him in the cutest clothes.

7. i can't think of any more things to write.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you for getting your router to work, even if it did take all day. Way to be persistant! Tammy