this ticks me off.

apparently 2 of tennessee's elected officials are pushing to ban all unmarried people from adopting children in the state. it doesn't matter if they are single, straight, gay men or women...just as long as they are married.

say what senator stanley and representative deberry?

are you truly thinking about the welfare of the children that this ban would effect? what about the hoards of children that are waiting to be adopted by loving, kind people...regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation?

the system is already broken and adding the ban would crush it. it would cost more money, and the children would have to stay in longer. they would be bounced from home to home, exposed to countless potential traumas.

i am a chrisitan...i believe in certain things. but frankly, i think it's stupid to waste time and money to limit the people that can adopt children. they need loving, safe, healthy homes...not simply a married couple.

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