what cold weather has taught me...

1. one should never underestimate the importance of allowing his/her car to warm up. let's just say i didn't do this, and my brakes froze. by the grace of God, i went a different way to work and was able to avoid having a very bad day.

2. driving up and down a mountain in the snow and ice is not a very good idea.

3. i am not cut out to live any more north than nashvegas. i'm too much of a wuss. i take humidity over -1 degree weather any day of the week.

4. i absolutely HATE extremes! 1 degree weather is a bit ridiculous. so is 100 degree weather. often times extremes get us in trouble. balance is so important!


Jen Sellers said...

Here here to #3!!!

erin said...

but you know what driving cross country in the snow storm last Jan taught me? that outside of the South...the cold is far more tolerable since the air isn't moist. 10 degrees felt like upper 30's. i was actually removing my coat it was so warm. just saying. but 115 without airconditioning....is 115 without airconditioning. also learned from experiences.