self-helping it

i went to the bookstore yesterday to look for books for work. every now and then i go and peruse the shelves looking for information on some of the things that our clients struggle with. i literally scan every book in the self-help section...so, this can take me a while.

and i have noticed something quite interesting. the people that come into the section seem so embarrassed. yesterday, a man pulled his hood up when he walked onto the aisle. one lady walked really fast and looked over her shoulders before she would pick up a book.

it was sad. i want to say to them, it's ok...every struggles. everyone needs help from time to time. counseling works!

but i didn't. i just took my books on self-harm and grief to the check-out and wondered what the lady checking me out thought.

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Tammy said...

I've wondered a few times what people think about me based on the books I'm buying at the check out or checking out of the library. There are so many books out there, though...you wonder how many people buy books that aren't so great and end up no better than when they started. Those things are expensive!