lesson #1

i like to clean. i like to clean out. i have occasionally given things to goodwill that i needed a week later.

so, while cleaning out my closet a month ago, i decided that i was not going to buy any clothing for a month, and i was not going to repeat any outfit for that month.

turns out...i wore a different top for an entire month. 31 days. there were times that i wanted to wear my trusty favorites, but i pushed forward.

what did i learn?

i have too many clothes that i don't wear enough.

i like to shop. it makes me feel good, and sometimes i bought something just for the hell of it. when i go shopping now, i have to absolutely love it and feel good in it or it stays in the store.

you'd think at 27, i would have already come to this point. but alas...celia's first lesson in 2009. in order for something to come in my apartment, i have to really love it and be sad that it would not be in my life.

now that i read that, it sounds kind of over the top and serious and over thought. but that's what a counselor does i guess.

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Marissa said...

I like it! I might have to try the not repeating an outfit thing. I know I have clothes that just sit there and rarely get worn.