2,008 things i learned in 2008

just kidding.

i did learn things...maybe 2,008...but that would be boring. here are some of the top ones...

1. black friday shopping is definitely a must! there are some really amazing sales, and i am willing to sacrifice sleep for that amount of money.

2. being a grown-up isn't easy. bills must be paid, things break...usually all at the same time, and the economy sucks.

3. blt+e sandwiches are really good!

4. boundaries are really important and essential to me. just because other people are dysfunctional does not mean that i have to be.

5. even if auburn has a losing season, my love and support for that place does not lessen.

6. i love making lists. there is something about them that keeps me sane and organized.

7. my 2 living grandparents are tough and have survived a lot.

8. it is more important to invest and buy quality products that last than to buy the same cheap thing 10 times. it is also important to only buy and surround yourself with things (and people) that you love.

9. purge, purge, purge! not food but all that useless crap stuck here and there throughout the house.

10. homemade, natural cleaning products work just as good as store bought, chemical filled products. and they are much cheaper and safer.

11. after several years, lots of money, and lots of tests and paperwork, getting licensed feels really good and rewarding. and i am going to protect it at all costs.

12. it really is true...a great bra can change your life.

13. the process of cleaning and weeding out my apartment calms and de-stresses me.

14. and finally...though it's not really a new lesson, i am reminded that even though i don't talk to God nearly as much as i need to and hold up my end of the relationship, He still loves me.

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