new year's eve

it's the eve of 2009.

n the way to work this morning, i was trying to think of all the changes and all of the things that had happened this year.

i also found my list of things i wanted to do in 2008. i did some of the things...saved money, paid off a large piece of furniture, increased my counseling resource collection, and got some new furniture. some things...i didn't need and didn't really need to do. other things...i totally should have done. i'm not brave enough to list them here though. it was really the first time that i made a list of "resolutions." i think i'll do it again.

i did a little shopping today. my way of saying goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009.

the jury's still out on these shoes that i bought...

i like them a lot, but i'm not sure if i can pull them off.

for some reason, i have bought several pairs of shoes in the last few weeks. maybe i need to make a resolution to not buy shoes in 2009.

yea...that's not going to happen. i don't need to set myself up for failure.

happy new year to you and yours! i hope your new year is full of success, blessings, laughter, and cute shoes.

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