8 on the 8th

1. i'm tired! i've been working a little too much the past few days. but i guess i should be thankful that i have a job.

2. we went black friday shopping again. we got to the stores at 4:00, and we scored some great deals. i think i got more things for me than i did for others...oh well. every girl should treat herself.

3. so, auburn lost. we had a losing season, we lost to the other team, and we lost our coach. it was a craptastic season. i'm really crossing my fingers that we get someone as good as tommy.

4. i went to my first full carrie concert last night. little big town opened for her, and i LOVED them! they are so good! and one of them is from a small town in alabama. combine that with boondocks...i'm a fan! and carrie wasn't too bad either. i didn't recognize some of the songs, but she was good. i did have the sister singing very loudly in my ear and hitting me because she was so excited. she acted as if it was her first time seeing her...i think it was about the 20th time. we were also very close to a few other people that make a ton of money singing and performing, and i was proud that the sister didn't whip out the camera and take a picture in their face.

5. you should go here and see some cute pictures of a cute kid. he's smart, and he really likes to eat.

6. i love eddie ross! you should check out his blog.

7. i put up a christmas tree a week or so ago and wrapped some presents to put under it. my crazy cat has untied all the ribbons and chewed them. the presents look pitiful now.

8. have i mentioned that i'm tired?


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet!!!!! thank you so much!!!
have a great rest of your week!

aubrey said...

holy cow girl I feel ya on being tired! Its goin' around! Your's is the 3rd blog I've read today where being tired is the topic of conversation. We need to get some sleep! ugh! hope you rest up!