22 years ago...

i got a present that, to be honest, i didn't really want...a baby brother. i remember telling my kindergarten teacher that my baby brother was born, and she told me i was pulling her leg. i also remember going to stay with some family friends and my extended family coming in my grandparents' motor home. i don't remember much about him. until christmas...and he cried the whole time we opened presents.

i think it was because i didn't really want him. (if this is news to you thad...sorry!) i was happy being the youngest...the baby of the family. i also wanted him to be a girl. we even had the name picked out...abigail.

here is evidence that we weren't that sure of each other. i think this was the first time i held him.

if i had to guess, i was probably thinking...ok mama, take this thing away from me. he is making way too much noise.

but alas...he stayed and ended up being a good present after all.

here we are 22 years later...

happy birthday brother!

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