mom of the day

so...this might totally be one of those you had to be there scenarios...

i was at a high school the other day, and i saw the most ho-rrific mom that i have ever seen at a school.

it was about 60 degrees outside, which means that shorts were probably not the most appropriate attire. someone forgot to tell this mother that. she had on shorts so short that her butt...yes...her butt cheeks were visible. she also had on clear, plastic 3 inch platform shoes, a tank top with no bra (with stomach and breasts visible), and had bleach blond, dying hair.

bless her heart. she looked like she had just jumped off the pole.

when she came into the office, another student looked at me, and we cracked up! but the mom had no clue, and when her 2 sons came in, they carried on like she dressed in clothes that covered her.

both sons got suspended that day. i wonder why.


Anonymous said...

Wait...were you at my school? I think that's one of my students' moms. ;)

Tammy said...

That's why God invented camera phones!