6 on the 6th

1. i am currently listening to new kids on the block's greatest hits...it's bringing back some memories. and the sad thing is i can picture the videos from some of the songs. sad...i know. i was a die hard fan...much like the sister loves carrie.

2. i got a letter today from the licensing board telling me my application was missing things...which i knew. some things have to come from other places. but still...it made me panic. i instantly get stressed when it comes to this.

3. i love this weather! there is something about the cooler air that refreshes me. i'm ready for it to stay cool the whole day.

4. i made lasagna tonight. it's not what i really wanted, but i bought the ingredients for it last week. i really want some southern food. but we all know that southern food is not the best for your heart or your waistline. if i could, i think i would eat biscuits, grits, and bacon for breakfast every day.

5. the presidential debate is in town, and all the hullabaloo has started. some streets were closed and places were crowded. thanks a lot mccain and obama. but i am interested to watch it since it is the "town hall meeting" style. oh and how come no one has ever asked me who i am going to vote for...yet there are all these polls about who is ahead?

6. this story makes me chuckle...well except for the dead fox and the wreck. why would anyone pick up roadkill? surely your mama taught you better than that!


Buffy said...

I had breakfast for dinner tonight! Yummy!

Thad said...

So Celia, who are you voting for???