what's in a name

a few weeks ago, my family finally met another "celia" who pronounces her name "see-uh" and not "seel-yuh."

no l.

so, maybe my family's not that weird for dropping the l.

i can generally tell what phase of my life i met someone by how the say my name. weird...i know. my family has always called me "see-uh" but up until high school, most others called me "seel-yuh."

but after a year at auburn, i started introducing myself as "see-uh" cause that what i'd always been called.

it gets annoying to have to explain my name when i meet someone. but oh well. it's my name, not theirs.


Buffy said...

who met this person?

celia said...

mama, daddy, and thad

James said...

I'm probably the only person who even pronounces it properly, considering nobody in the family can figure out why I have no accent at all.

aubrey said...

I can totally relate! My name...though not as confusing as yours seeing as how you pronounce all of my letters, gives people fits! and my last name... FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!