a bucket list of sorts

there are a lot of times that i think...i want to do that.

  • i want to be a stunt car driver.
  • even though it's dumb...it would be cool to be a bounty hunter for a day.
  • i want to tour a jail or prison.
  • i want to take a cross country rv trip.
  • i want to ride in an airplane while it's doing tricks...sort of blue angel-ish.
  • i want to go skydiving.
  • i want to learn to play the drums...and then be able to be cool enough to play them on the streets like this.
  • i want to take a class or 2 on how to cut hair and maybe on interior design.
  • i would really love to visit all 50 states and all 7 continents.
  • i really really want to go to australia.
  • i want to drive the smokey mountain range in the fall when the leaves are changing.
  • the idea of having a dog interests me. but i don't have the space or the time or the energy to devote to it. maybe one day.
  • i want to go to to the olympics...as a spectator, not an athlete.
  • i think the coolest thing ever would be to be in oprah's audience for the taping of her favorite things show.
  • i want to participate in a fencing match or game...whatever they call it.

will i do all of these things? more than likely...no. but a girl can dream.


Daphne said...

That is a good bucket list! You have been in a prison...in Charleston. It was the oldest prison, but a prison none-the-less!

James said...

I pretend to be a stunt car driver all the time. that's why my cars look like crap. Ever taken a Nissan Maxima off-roading? I rest my case.