smokey joe

it's smokey's birthday today! he's 5.

so, he (and mr. kitty) got some kitty cat birthday cake (can of tuna) and a cat scratch thing.

the thing came with catnip...which i have never used before. the cats went cra-zy. i tried to get a picture of them, but they were too busy flipping and flopping.

this is about as good as i could get.

smokey isn't a rescue cat. technically, i stole him from my brother. thad brought him home a few months after we rescued mr. kitty. he was supposed to be his cat, but the cats became such fast friends that when i moved to the k-y, i couldn't separate them. and thus stole smokey.

i'm pretty sure he's happier with me and mr. kitty anyway.

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Thad said...

So yea its okay that you are a thief we love you anyways.....bitch