ok...i'm about to get on my soapbox.

it absolutely drives me crazy when Christian organizations are not professional and try to cover up the lack of professionalism with Christian language.

just because you are a Christian organization/company does NOT mean that you don't have to be professional. it does not give you an excuse for not doing your job, not being empathetic, and not providing the best customer service possible. in fact, i think it should hold you to a higher standard.

if i did or said some of the things that have been done and said to me and some of those around me, i would probably be unemployed or at least have a couple of write-ups in my file.

and that, my friends, makes me sad. i work for a non-profit secular organization. why are the employees of my company held to higher professional standards than those that are being walking, breathing, overt examples of Christ?


Daphne said...

I'll give that an AMEN!

James said...

Amen, cuz. you should tell that to the people who run the Wesley Foundation in J'ville. They seem to think of it more like a country club as opposed to a christian organization.

and btw, I go to Waffle House more often than I would like to admit.