another list

work has been in-tense. i've had to have several tough sessions this week that have left me a bit drained. i don't have to see any clients tomorrow...so, that gives me a little bit of a break.

but anyway...we know that i like lists. so, here is a compilation of my randomness from the week.

1. let me preface this by saying that i am not trying to offend any teachers out there. but i'm a little tired of hearing about how the summer is over. be glad you got a break and get breaks throughout the year! (and just so you know...teachers typically make slightly more or the same amount of money as counselors but teachers work about 70 days less.)

2. i really cannot stand the sound of my alarm clock in the morning.

3. i found my planner from my days in school. i was crazy busy, and i do not miss that one bit.

4. i'm pretty excited about the olympics starting tomorrow. and this makes my heart smile.

5. the brother is moving back to auburn tomorrow. i believe that he is going to do just fine and be very successful. i'm going to go see him next weekend. and go to a braves game, ikea, and h&m. i'm pretty excited about that.

6. according to the brother, the folks that moved into our house put a trailer...yes a trailer...in the backyard where our garden used to be. that's just sketchy.

7. last comic standing has not been as good as it was last year. celia is not impressed. john reep and lavelle were much funnier!

ok...that's it. celia's out.


Jen Sellers said...

After my parents moved to TN, I went by my old house and the new owners tore up my dad's azaleas and put in a new driveway for their boat. I couldn't believe it and vowed never to drive by the house again. Not as sketchy as a trailer, but still disappointing.

Buffy said...

where in this list is the fact that you are excited about me coming and celebrating my birthday with me!?!?

celia said...

sorry! i guess i forgot to add that.

i am excited about you coming and eating cake. even though you told me not to make...i did! everyone needs cake for their birthday.