what's in your big purse celia?

i used to get comments about how big my purses are. now i get comments about what could possibly be in my big purse.

so, i'm going to be vulnerable and show what's in it.

here are the contents of my purple purse today (minus my personal cell phone and work pager and cell phone)...

my billfold, a tape measure (not usually in there but i'm on the hunt for some dining room chairs), 3 pens, 2 packs of gum, eye drops, lip gloss, coupons, map of the city (i apparently am too thrifty...read poor...to have a gps), umbrella, and a little black bag of stuff (band-aids, mirror, mending kit, lotion, body spray, hand sanitizer, deodorant, tide to go pen, chapstick, and some tampons).

so, for all of you that wondered...there you have it.


Thad said...

People could sleep in there

aubrey said...

my friends and family all call my purses "Aubrey's luggage" cuz my bags are so huge. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one out there who understands the importance of a big bag. P.S I love the purple! I almost bought a purple bag the other day but alas a really great brown one won out! haha!

James said...

If a woman could sleep in someone's closet for two years without anyone noticing, then chance are someone HAS slept in Celia's purse.