i like making lists

as i was looking in my calendar today, i noticed that i make lists pretty much every day. some days there are multiple lists. i would be totally lost without them. and there's some so satisfying about crossing stuff off. i often wonder how people function without a calendar and lists.

so, in honor of my love of lists...here's another one...

things that celia does not like:

  • hearing those ugly words...roll tide. ugghh. i hate to even type them.
  • hearing other people pee.
  • when people are mean or rude to others for NO reason
  • i've already posted about using the wrong verb tense of see. that drives me crazy!
  • abuse of any kind...kids, old folks, women, men, substance, etc.
  • birds!
  • selfishness
  • when people are impeccably dressed but live in dirty houses
  • clutter
  • vanilla scented anything...candles, lotion, shower gel, etc.

1 comment:

A united method said...

Weirds me out now whenever someone mixes the incorrect usage of "good" or "well"

and I cringe whenever I pass a qwik mart.

But you gotta let that bird thing go...they aren't so bad ;)