do you think that counseling is serving? do you think that people who are counselors can be Christian and ethically not practice "Christian/Biblical" counseling? do you think people can be called to counseling? do you think that a seminary should offer a degree in counseling...even if those that graduate don't practice Christian counseling in its traditional sense or work in a church?

all questions...at one point or another...that i have been asked. while i was in seminary, it really felt like a lot of the other folks had a condescending view of the counseling program. some even made very unnecessary and rude comments. and there also seemed to be a lack of resources for us.

and you know what...it made me mad, and it still does a little.

no, i do not currently work in a church or a christian organization. no, i do not talk about Him every day. but does that mean that i am not serving Him? not working for Him?


i'm in the trenches. every day. i'm with those that have lost hope, those that have been abandoned and abused, those that so desperately need/want love, those that are stuck, those that are so entrenched in poverty that they can't move.

and each day, i roll my pants up and jump right in with them. it's where i want to be. it's where my heart is.

and it's my hope that for the brief 3 or 4 months that i'm with them, that i can be a conduit of healing and grace. my prayer before i even walk into the session is that He help me be the counselor that He needs me to be to my clients and their families....that He give me the wisdom to work and the words to say so that I can be as much like Him to them as He needs me to be.

just needed to get it off my chest. i'll get off my soapbox now.


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Thad said...

And Moses said to the Pharoah - Let my people go!

Chaplydia Writes said...

You go girl!!!
Counseling ministry is tough...and it IS a calling...otherwise it might be considered masochistic...lol

Having been in the trenches for over 11 years, I can honestly tell you it is the toughest and most rewarding thing there is outside of family and granddchildren.
With your attitude...God will use you much.

Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Durham

A united method said...

I was reading your post and thinking...

yes...YES... YES!!!!

oh, she already knew that. Thanks for being a vessel for God's love and remember you can't just take-take-take, but you need to give-give-give. soapbox away.